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It's time for a new website. Great!

Website out of date? Not functioning properly? You're in the right place.

I create visually stunning websites for small businesses and professionals that engage their customers and enrich their brand.


My goal is to simply help my clients achieve their unique business goals by designing an impactful website that they can be proud of. 





  • Identify the unique goals of your website. 

  • Comprehension of your target market.

  • Review your current marketing materials (preexisting website, brand).

  • Outline a strategy and execution plan.


  • Identify key metrics for effectiveness, functionality, and engagement.

  • Selection of color pallet and font type that supports the brand. 

  • A responsive design that changes based on the device that is being used. 


  • Research and review unique keywords for your business.

  • Implement back-end SEO, weaving the keywords throughout your site.

  • Registration with Google Console and other search engines.

  • Long-term plan to achieve the goal of reaching the first page of search engines. 

Art Therapy Website Venture Focus
Spa Website Design Venture Focus
Jewelry Website Design by Venture Focus
Venture Focus Web Design - Fi-Dough
Websites for Day Care and Pre Schools by Venture Focus
Jewelry Website Design Venture Focus
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