Christine returned from South Africa in December of 2009 with a commitment to working in developing countries. The following month, Haiti was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Christine was invited to join a team of aid workers headed to the island to provide medical support. She assisted five doctors, two nurses, and a medical student in a clinic that saw close to three hundred patients a week—a significant amount, but not nearly enough. Upon return, Christine scrutinized the shortcomings of the clinic: mainly the language barriers and the lack of transportation, meal plans, and general structure. She went on to develop and become the Executive Director of Hands Up for Haiti, a 501c3 (non-profit) that would bring medical teams to Haiti from the US and Canada. The trips were organized such that logistics—from transportation and accommodations, to translators and daily schedules—were streamlined into the operation. Hands Up for Haiti has been cited in The Examiner and Glamour Magazine, and in 2011, Christine won a Glamour Magazine "Women Who Make A Difference" Award for her work on the nonprofit.  

Christine has been in the entrepreneurial field for over a decade. After graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, she began her first business endeavor in Cape Town, South Africa, where she spent her final semester of college. There, she taught a Business Communications course at TSiBA College and developed a micro-equity fund that would offer early funding to nascent entrepreneurs. As conversations with business owners continued, Christine's work soon evolved into marketing, assisting her funded entrepreneurs with research and outreach, and packaging, logo, and web design. This experience would become the cornerstone of all her future undertakings. 


Christine Caserta

After two and a half years running Hands Up for Haiti, Christine stepped down as Executive Director to concentrate on her personal growth and happiness. In this interim time, she moved across the country to San Francisco and began on working on more low-profile projects, including crowdfunding campaigns and assisting individuals in getting their small business ideas off the ground. The range of her clients during this time provided Christine a dexterity in marketing and entrepreneurship that she is passionate about passing on to her clients. Her ultimate goal it to provide you with full knowledge and tools in a supportive and productive environment that will help you move forward with your business. 

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